Ages 3 - 5 Years Old

Our Preschool program provides a well-balanced curriculum with emphasis on children's social/emotional skills and developing sense of autonomy. The multi-age groups encourage prosocial behavior and an enriched cognitive environment. This setting ensures that children's needs (intellectual, physical, emotional, social and creative) are appropriately met at a variety of levels. The curriculum includes many activities: art and creative exploration, science and nature activities, gardening, sensory experiences, large muscle activities, language arts and early literacy activities, music and math awareness through hands-on manipulation of objects in the environment. There is a special focus on self-awareness and the appreciation of diversity within the classroom. Daily group times provide an opportunity for sharing, music, movement and stories.


Ages 5 week - 12 Months



Ages 1 - 2 Years Old


School Breaks

Ages 5 - 12 Years Old

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