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Virtual Learning

Nest is all about LEARNING and making learning FUN and ENGAGING. Our virtual learning offering consists of virtual learning beyond the classroom and VIRTUAL learning in the classroom. We don't reinvent the wheel; we just bring the best of early childhood learning internet resources to our families in the form of LEARNING LINKS. In our virtual classrooms, our lesson plans involve ACTIVITIES and MATERIALS around the home.  Our virtual learning offering is an e-LEARNING  journey of fun.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Every month we select age appropriate books for our families to read at home. We try to select books that are on theme with what we're learning at the center, what's going on in the world now or based on children's expressed interest. Whenever possible we also make those books available to check out at the center and sometimes we are able to obtain an audio or video version of the book that we can upload and share.


Learning Links is our innovative approach to bring an interactive and engaging learning experience to our families. We scour the web for learning links to complete our virtual lesson plans. We believe kids spend a lot of time online anyway so why not have them learn in the process. Learning Links include coloring pages, printable activities and worksheets and YouTube videos. Learning Links provides hours of engaging, kid-approved fun.

virtual classes

We offer virtual classes for all age groups at each location. New classes are added based on need. We enroll for virtual classes the same way we do for in-person classes but with a little less paperwork. Enrollment is based on age, developmental stage and class availability. If there are no available virtual seats; families are placed on the virtual waitlist until a virtual seat becomes available or a new classroom opens up. 

Stay Safe.

Stay Connected.

In this pandemic, we are all at different levels of comfort as we try to brave the world with COVID-19 cases spreading around us like crazy. If you are not quite ready to send your child to school or if you are working from home and prefer your child at home with you to avoid exposure to the virus our virtual classes might be the solution for you. Contact your Director today for class availability or to learn more about our virtual class offering.

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