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The NEST Difference

It all starts the moment we meet your child, we NURTURE your child and help them discover the world around them.  At Nest Child Care and Parent Institute, we've established a proven environment that is designed to EDUCATE and is conducive to your child's social, emotional and educational success. Once they leave our nest they are prepared for Kindergarten. Our schools and classrooms are designed to SUPPORT children by giving them room to grow, room to share, and room to be themselves. Our staff are extensions of your family and we work together to provide an intentional environment that helps to guide, TRAIN and create a holistic learning experience for our little ones. At Nest, children play together, partake in constructive fun together, and discover how enjoyable learning can be. 

Teachers & Classrooms

Why Nest? Because when it comes to teachers, our standards are as high as yours. Our teachers are nurturers. Our child care and education services are provided by trained and dedicated professionals.


Why Nest? Because, we check references and conduct thorough background checks based on state and federal licensing requirements. This includes appropriate criminal background checks, verification of educational credentials, as well as tubercolosis (TB) and health check. Candidates who will transport children undergo a thorough driving history check as well as annual checks. We do this to protect the most valuable part of our school: your child. Learning experiences are based on the unique needs and interests of children in their class. And a low student-to-teacher ratio means we can provide more individual attention.


Why Nest? Because every child is free to explore and discover. In our classrooms, children learn through active play - engaging with materials while using their bodies, senses and emerging problem-solving skills. 

Clean, Safe and Secure

Why Nest? Because cleanliness is vital and we take significant precautions to prevent the spread of germs.

  • In the infant areas, all teachers and staff wear booties to limit outside germs.

  • All spaces that children come in contact with are regularly disinfected.

  • All the children’s toys are disinfected on a regular basis.

  • Diaper bags, car seats and backpacks are prohibited in the center.

  • Our centers maintain preventative monthly treatment for pesticides.

Why Nest? Because our priority is providing a safe and secure environment. Every location has procedures and standards that are strictly enforced, such as:

  • Secure Lobby and Classrooms. The entrances are equipped with an electronic lock and cameras.

  • Visitor Precautions. Photo ID is required from all unfamiliar visitors. A visitor listed as authorized to pick up a child must still show photo ID if they are not familiar to staff or management staff.

  • Equipment Safety. We take many other precautions to make sure equipment is in good working order and that child-sized furniture is age and size appropriate for use.

  • Safety Drills. We conduct regular fire and emergency lock down drills to ensure staff and children understand what to do in an emergency.

  • CPR and First Aid. All staff are certified in CPR and First Aid for infants, children and adults.


Why Nest? Because we make learning and eating fun. Our menus include a variety of foods which meet daily nutritional needs and satisfy licensing requirements. Meals are served family style and we encourage our children to participate with meal time by assisting with table setting, food serving, and cleaning up.


Additionally, we encourage our children to sample new foods and taste what’s being served; however, we cannot require children to eat or punish them if they choose not to eat all foods served and we DO NOT allow outside food. Please speak with the Director if you have specific concerns because of:

  • Religious reasons

  • Special dietary needs

  • Allergies or other considerations



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