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Mainline for Moms

Mainline for Moms is just that; a LIFELINE for mothers in every way - SUPPORTING them on their PATH to SELF-SUFFICIENCY.

Tell Us What You Want

My Grandmother

Mainline for Moms is in honor of my grandmother Catherine and support of mothers everywhere. My grandmother, Catherine Marshall aka Moogie, was a single mother to seven kids and grandmother to 17 grandchildren. She never graduated from high school and was on welfare. Ironically, she was the most intelligent person I knew (she read thousands of books) and we (her grandchildren) never wanted for anything. As a child, she would place me on her knee and sing “Joy is on the mainline, tell her what you want" which is a play on the classic gospel song “Jesus is on the mainline”. It wasn't just me but every child was on the "mainline". As a child, I always felt love and security because of the mainline; I knew my grandmother would be working on my behalf no matter how big or small my need was. My grandmother never had a lot of money but she was resourceful and if you made a request she figured out a way to fulfill it.

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Here To Help

At Nest, we understand the challenges that single mothers face despite having the most rewarding job there is being a mom. Through charitable donations, we are able to help mothers with emergency childcare, free tuition through scholarships, baby items, clothes and other resources. We don't have a lot of money but we're resourceful and if you make a request we will figure out a way to fulfill it.


From our experience, having someone to care for your child is essential to combating poverty and promoting self-sufficiency. Mothers can actively look for work, go to school and learn a trade, and improve their current circumstance. Even for those who are eligible for the state child care subsidy have to wait up to 45 days to get approved and to be eligible you have to be "currently" working or going to school to justify the need for subsidized child care (a catch 22). The need for child care is often immediate. Mainline for Moms is a bridge for families - providing them support and help putting them on the path of self-sufficiency.


In addition to childcare, we help link mothers to other free resources for housing, financial assistance, furniture, job preparedness and placement, GED courses, college enrollment, computer courses, parenting workshops, health screenings and just about everything else you can think of. Providing childcare, allows mothers to focus on improving their current situation by empowering themselves and achieving self-sufficiency. In a nutshell, Mainline for Moms is just that; a lifeline for mothers in every way!


Through monetary donations we are able to provide emergency, temporary and full-time child care to mothers. Of course any donation amount goes a long way! Cash donations also provides bus passes and funding for fees associated with finding suitable housing and employment.

All donations are tax deductible.


Non-Monetary Donations

Our families are always in need of infant/toddler/preschool-sized clothing and shoes for all seasons, new or gently used car seats, strollers, and toys as well as iron-fortified infant formula and diapers. For our mothers, we are always in need of adult size clothing and shoes for all seasons, toiletries, household items, bus passes, pre-paid cell phones, and groceries.. To make a non-monetary donation, simply drop-off your donation to one of our locations and we will see to it that your items are distributed to a family in need.

All donations are tax deductible.

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