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A picture is worth a thousand words. At Nest Child Care and Parent Institute, we understand that children GROW and DEVELOP right before our eyes. While we nurture this growth, we would very much so like for you to be a part of the process. We want to CELEBRATE these milestones with you. That’s why we’re committed to providing simple ways to keep you connected while your child is in our care. Being apart is hard. Stay CONNECTED with us through ProCare - we use it to send photos and videos of your child throughout the day. We want to be sure you can keep up with every SPECIAL MOMENT and MILESTONE.




Parents can now check-in, add drop-off notes, or mark absent using their own device. No paper and pens required.


We are able to digitally log temperatures on arrival as well as throughout the day. Pull reports on health checks, export the data, and share with parents seamlessly in one platform.



A centralized hub for all of your communications from center updates to important alerts to individual messages regarding your child.


Review your Invoice and make payments through our automated digital payment platform.

No more paper daily reports, we keep everything digitally and in one place. At the end of day, we send out an electronic daily report.

Don't Miss A Single Thing

You’ll love receiving real-time photos, videos, and updates, through our mobile app for parents. The ProCare mobile app offers:

  • Photos and videos

  • Milestone and learning updates from your child’s teacher

  • Important classroom or center information

Plus, save and share your favorite memories:

  • Past updates don’t expire; you can relive your favorite memories

  • Parents can easily share photos through text messages, emails, and social media

  • Parents can grant access with other people, such as grandparents

Updates are private and highly secure, visible only to you and your chosen recipients.


Ask your Center Director for details or assistance with getting logged on.


“It makes it easier to have targeted conversations about the day. I can see what she’s eaten, her playtime, etc. and have a richer understanding of her day through the app. Then when we talk to the teacher, it’s about her social and emotional development overall. It has greatly improved our conversations with the teacher and made us feel more connected to the center as well.”

- HiMama Parent

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