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Ages 3 - 5 Years

Our Preschool program provides a well-balanced curriculum with emphasis on children's social/emotional skills and developing sense of autonomy. The multi-age groups encourage prosocial behavior and an enriched cognitive environment. This setting ensures that children's needs (intellectual, physical, emotional, social and creative) are appropriately met at a variety of levels. The curriculum includes many activities: art and creative exploration, science and nature activities, gardening, sensory experiences, large muscle activities, language arts and early literacy activities, music and math awareness through hands-on manipulation of objects in the environment. There is a special focus on self-awareness and the appreciation of diversity within the classroom. Daily group times provide an opportunity for sharing, music, movement and stories.


  • nurturing, personal care that builds your preschooler's self-esteem and self-awareness

  • regular teacher-child interactions that spark curiosity, creativity, and socialization

  • playtime and experiences that help boost cognitive and motor skills

  • age appropriate materials and equipment that support learning, development and hands-on experiences

  • regular teacher-family communication

  • a safe child care environment

What Our Preschooler's Are Discovering...



Experience environments where they are encouraged to interact and learn with and alongside others.


An increasing sense of competence and confidence in growing abilities.




Experience environments where the importance of spontaneous play is recognized and play is valued as meaningful learning.


Strategies for exploring and satisfying their curiosity.

Creativity and spontaneity in their play.

The ability to make decisions and choose their own materials.



Experience environments where their interests and initiative provide direction for learning opportunities and for the practice and mastery of developing skills.


Progressively more complex skills.

The understanding that they have a significant role in initiating exploration, play, and learning.

Big Kid Status

Simply put we allow children to learn through their natural interests and curiosities. We simply guide, encourage and instruct as children discover the world around them.


Using the HighScope Curriculum, learning is focused on the following eight content areas:

  • Approaches to Learning

  • Social and Emotional Development

  • Physical Development and Health

  • Language, Literacy, and Communication

  • Mathematics

  • Creative Arts

  • Science and Technology

  • Social Studies

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