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Learning Links

We're all about LEARNING here at Nest. Learning is about EXPLORATION. We know that kids like being ONLINE and continuing their learning EXPERIENCES at home. Each month we choose topics for kids of every age to explore on the internet. If they are going to be online anyway why not incorporate these learning LINKS into your home routine and continue learning beyond the classroom.

An e-Learning Journey

Let's Link Up

Nest is all about learning and making learning fun and engaging. With Learning Links we don't reinvent the wheel; we just bring the best of early childhood learning internet resources to our families in the form of learning links.  Our links are an e-learning journey from a collection of third-party resources or "learning links" that correlate to the Learning Link Lesson Plan. Because the links already exist, our learning links are free of charge.

With Learning Links, screen time doesn't have to be a way to keep your child occupied but where you can find high-quality educational media. Another way Learning Links is useful is to tie learning and screen time to follow your child's interests by finding learning links to match whatever they are obsessing on at the moment. Young children get more out of being online when they use it intentionally and with adult-child interaction. Grown-ups, can help them understand what’s going on and make connections to the real world. For example, parents can help by watching with children, talking to them about what they are seeing, and linking it to their everyday lives.


We would love to hear how your children use and enjoy Learning Links so be sure to share your experiences with us. Check in frequently as we add new Learning Links often. Also, be sure to check out our Raising Readers Bookclub for reading recommendations.

What We're Learning

Students will be able to identify different modes of transportation and the vehicles used for each mode. Students will learn about the uniqueness and similarity of the different vehicles. 


Students will learn about extraordinary African-Americans and their contribution to American History. 


Students will explore the wonderful world of Dr. Seuss with these learning activities.


Students will learn about the letters of the alphabet. These activities will help kids to identify letters and letter sounds.


Students will explore the amazing world of bugs!


Students will learn about the different types of farm animals. Students will be able to identify farm animal sounds.


Students will learn about the history of dinosaurs. Students  will learn about different types of dinosaurs. 


Students will learn about community helpers and their careers. These activities can help kids identify community helpers in their neighborhoods and understand what their purpose is.


Students will learn about members of the family. These activities will help kids to learn about the family unit and how each child's family is unique and different.


Students will learn about feelings and emotions. These activities can help kids to manage emotions and get along with other kids.


Students will learn about opposites.

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