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STUDENTS will LOVE to explore and LEARN about BLACK HISTORY. February gives us a reason to focus on black history, but it's crucial to teach kids that the subject is worth revisiting throughout the entire year. Whether it's watching documentaries, visiting museums or reading literature by black authors, you can participate while encouraging understanding and tolerance. Come learn about all that is Black Excellence with these Black History preschool activities.

All About

Black History

Martin Luther King Jr..

Jackie Robinson


Inspire kids to learn about black change makers all year by displaying this A - Z African-American Visionary Poster at home. Featuring authors, activists, artists, and revolutionaries, this versatile 11" x 17" illustrated printable encourages children to follow their dreams. 

Companion activity ideas: 

  • Research one of the above visionaries online and/or by finding books at the library.

  • Next, create a vision board or art to teach others about what you learned.

  • Challenge yourself by researching all of the African American visionaries from A-Z!


Let's Explore Black History



These learning packets contain early learning printables to use with your toddler or preschooler when studying about black history. These packets are intended for preschoolers.

Packet 1

  • Phonics: Beginning Sounds

  • Color by Letter

  • Read and Match

  • Read and Recall

  • Letter Trace

  • Shapes


Packet courtesy of

Book Recommendations

Our book recommendations are a collection of stories exploring extraordinary leaders in black history. Please browse our bookclub selection for other book titles related to black leaders.


Family Activities

Here are a few activities for the whole family to enjoy while learning and exploring black history. Use these activities to point out notable African-Americans, how they contributed to black history and make it relatable to your child. 

Take a bus ride and talk about Rosa Parks.

Listen to Aretha Franklin's greatest hits and have a sing a long.

Talk about the history of rap and listen to some old school and new school rap songs.

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