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Ages 5 weeks - 12 Months

Infants grow and learn every day. The Nest provides a safe and nurturing learning environment where infants can explore and make new discoveries. Our infant and toddler program is designed to provide the skills that serve as building blocks for a lifetime of learning. In addition to caring for your little one, everything we do at the Nest is designed for learning.



  • nurturing, personal care that builds your infant's self-esteem

  • regular teacher-child interactions that spark curiosity and socialization

  • playtime and experiences that help boost cognitive and motor skills

  • age appropriate materials and equipment that support learning and development

  • regular teacher-family communication

  • a safe child care environment

  • safe sleep guidelines that meet those of the American Academy of Pediatrics

Smiling Baby

What Our Infants Are Discovering...



Experience environments where their physical health is promoted.



Emerging self-help and self-care skills for eating, drinking, toileting, resting, sleeping, washing, and dressing.



Experience environments where the importance of spontaneous play is recognized and play is valued as meaningful learning.


Strategies for exploring and satisfying their curiosity.

Creativity and spontaneity in their play.

The ability to make decisions and choose their own materials.



Experience environments where they are encouraged to interact and learn with and alongside others.


‘Friendship skills,’ where they can play harmoniously with their peers through cooperation and participate in the give and take of ideas.

An increasing ability to share by showing interest in and awareness of the feelings of others.

Baby Talk

Simply put we allow children to learn through their natural interests and curiosities. We simply guide, encourage and instruct as children discover the world around them.


Using the HighScope Curriculum, learning is focused on the following eight content areas:

  • Approaches to Learning

  • Social and Emotional Development

  • Physical Development and Health

  • Language, Literacy, and Communication

  • Mathematics

  • Creative Arts

  • Science and Technology

  • Social Studies

Ready to enroll your baby, choose a location and we'll guide you through our enrollment process.

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