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STUDENTS will LEARN about the BUGS  and INSECTS. Students will be able to identify bugs and insects. Bugs and insects are creepy and cool all at the same time to preschoolers. Bugs and insects come in all shapes and sizes. Come learn and have fun with these bug and insect preschool activities.

Let's Explore Bugs & Insects


Learning Packets

These learning packets contain early learning printables to use with your toddler or preschooler when studying about creepy crawly things; bugs and insects. These packets are intended for preschoolers.

Packet 1

Packet 2

Packet 3

Packet 4​​

Packet 1 - 4 courtesy of

Book Recommendations

Our book recommendations are a collection of stories exploring insects and bugs. Please browse our bookclub selection for other book titles related to bugs and insects.

IMG_6987 2.JPG
Cute, happy child in nature looking at a

Family Activities

Here are a few activities for the whole family to enjoy while learning and exploring bugs and insects. Use these activities to discover different bugs and insects in their natural environment.


Take a walk outside and see how many bugs and insects you can find.

Take a jar and go outside in the yard to try to catch a firefly, butterfly, or any insect.

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