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STUDENTS will LOVE to hear the PLAYFUL LANGUAGE and RHYMES of DR. SEUSS. Reading books aloud and playing with language help create strong literacy skills. Dr. Seuss books are great for reading aloud. The books are fun to read over and over again. Build on the fun whimsy of Dr. Seuss with these activities. Come learn all Dr. Seuss' wacky rhyming skills and unusual vocabulary words for an extraordinary learning journey or words, colors and numbers.

Let's Explore Dr. Suess



These learning worksheets contain early learning printables to use with your toddler or preschooler when exploring the wonderful world of Dr. Seuss. These packets are intended for preschoolers.

Love to Read

Fox in Colorful Socks

I Will Read Anywhere

One Fish Two Fish

Fox in Socks

Numbers 1 and 2

How Many

Numbers 3 and 4

How Many

Draw a Circle Around Each Total

Numbers 5 and 6

Draw a Circle

How Many

Numbers 7 and 8

Counting up to 8

Numbers 9 and 10

Counting up to 10

Counting up to 10

Counting up to 10

Word trace

Days of the Week

Number Trace

Tracing Shapes

Scissor Skills

Shape Cutting Skills

How Many Hats Do You See

Counting Fish

Connect the Dots

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Book Recommendations

Our book recommendations are a collection of stories exploring Dr. Seuss Adventures. Please browse our bookclub selection for other book titles related to Dr. Seuss.


Family Activities

Here are a few activities for the whole family to enjoy while learning and exploring Dr. Seuss. Use these activities to further explore the world of Dr. Seuss and make it relatable to your child. 

Have the kids help you match up socks next time you do the laundry.

Make green eggs and ham.

Find some healthy food in the kitchen that are green.

Can you hop on one foot 10 times.

Name five things that rhyme with cat.

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