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Children Need the Outdoors

Through the eyes of a child...each day is a new day and a new adventure. Whether it is gloomy, raining or snowing...they soak up each opportunity to play - which means they are learning!

When a child wakes up and the outside is covered with a beautiful covering of fresh snow, it is like they have a brand new playground that has been delivered to them. It is important that you let them get outside an explore!

Children will ask questions like: Where did the snow come from? How is snow made?

Provide them with items to explore the snow: Sometimes it is good packing snow and sometimes it is not...but it is always new and exciting!

Demonstrate how to make a snowball or even build a snowman. Teach them to make a snow angel. Or even get really adventurous and teach them how to ski! If you are simply exploring your backyard, supply them with an array of "toys" to create their own winter wonderland. Give them tupperware, spoons of different sizes, even funnels and an old milk carton. What adults see as garbage or junk, could be exactly what a child needs to create and explore. You do not have to go out and purchase "toys" they can be found right in your own home, or in the recycling bin!

Most importantly - do not miss the opportunity to share the magic of outdoors and the snow with your child!

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