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The enrollment process is completed in two steps. Step One consists of determining a child's eligibility for child care, subsidy, or Head Start. Once a child is eligible, Step Two is completed. Step Two consists of paperwork mandated by licensing, CACFP, and Nest for children enrolled in our program.


STEP ONE: All families will enroll with Nest Child Care and Parent Institute. The enrollment process is initiated with the family paying registration fee and completing the Enrollment and CDC application.


Enrollment Application

  • Must also submit valid birth certificate or verification of birth

  • Must also submit current immunization record (shot record)

DHS/CDC Application

Please make copies of birth certificate, immunization, and DHS Application/Verification for our records.

STEP TWO: Once the Nest receives DHS approval, Head Start acceptance, or if it is determined that the family will be paying out of pocket, they may complete the remaining enrollment forms. If the family is eligible for Head Start, we will notify the Family Services Worker to assist with completing the remaining enrollment forms for Early/Head Start. An appointment may be necessary. 


Tuition Policy

Placement Contract

Child Information Record

Health Appraisal

CACFP - Household Income Eligibility Statement

CACFP - Formula/Food Sign-Off Statement

CACFP - Parent Information Sheet

CACFP - Request For Special Dietary Needs (If Applicable)

Daily Routine

Zero Tolerance Child Abuse/Neglect Policy

Parent Notification of the Licensing Notebook

Health Care Service Plan

Parent Consent and Policy Agreement

Parent Handbook Acknowledgement

All forms should be completed in its entirety including signatures and dates before the child can start the program.

Enrollment Checklist - LEMOYNE GARDENS

Enrollment Checklist - VILLAGES AT PARKSIDE