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The enrollment process is completed in two steps. Step One consists of determining a child's eligibility for child care, subsidy, or Head Start. Once a child is eligible, Step Two is completed. Step Two consists of paperwork mandated by licensing, CACFP, and Nest for children enrolled in our program.



STEP ONE: All families will enroll with Nest Child Care and Parent Institute. The enrollment process is initiated with the family paying registration fee and completing the Enrollment and CDC application. *If the parent is paying out of pocket you may proceed to step two.


Enrollment Application

  • Must also submit valid birth certificate or verification of birth

  • Must also submit current immunization record (shot record)

  • Must also provide copies parent(s) identification (ID)/Driver's License

DHS/CDC Application

Please make copies of birth certificate, immunization, parent ID, and DHS Application/Verification for our records.

STEP TWO: Once the Nest receives DHS approval, Head Start acceptance, or if it is determined that the family will be paying out of pocket, AND there is a spot available - they may complete the remaining enrollment forms. If the family is eligible for Head Start, we will notify the Family Services Worker to assist with completing the required enrollment forms for Early/Head Start. An appointment may be necessary. 


Child Information Record Updated annually or when the center becomes aware of changes.

Immunization Record Certificate of immunizations or waiver required at enrollment.

Health Appraisal The Health Appraisal is requested so that our school can work with the parent to meet the physical, intellectual and emotional needs of the child. This form is due at enrollment and must be updated yearly for infants/toddlers and every two years for preschoolers. An updated copy must be on file until the child no longer attends the center.

Medication/Allergies Does the child have allergies or require medication. See Medication Page

Parent Handbook Acknowledgement Written documentation that the parent received the written information packet.

Parent Notification of the Licensing Notebook Written documentation that the parent was notified of the center's licensing notebook.

Health Care Service Plan Details our guidelines for promoting good health and safety processes.

Parent Consent and Policy Agreement Highlights some of important policies as it relates to their child's enrollment and tenure at the center.

Zero Tolerance Child Abuse/Neglect Policy Details our child abuse/neglect policy.

Tuition Policy Details our tuition rates, policies, payment requirements and late fees.

Placement Contract Details how we will provide child care services according Michigan Child Care licensing requirements.

CACFP - Household Income Eligibility Statement Determines household income for CACFP eligibility.

CACFP - Formula/Food Sign-Off Statement Informs parents of the formula provided by our center reimbursable by CACFP.

CACFP - Parent Information Sheet Written documentation that we participate in CACFP and that we are reimbursed for providing nutritious meals and snacks

CACFP - Request For Special Dietary Needs (If Applicable) This form is required when a child has special dietary needs. 

Daily Routine Details our typical daily routine so that parents can have a snapshot of what their child does throughout the day.

All forms should be completed in its entirety including signatures and dates before the child can start the program.

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