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Employee Credentials (documentation required by licensing):

Licensing Requirements (to be completed before contact with children):

Welcome to Nest:

Administrative Policies: 

Introduction and Tours: 

Position Information: 


Child Development & Child Interaction: 


Review, Complete & Acknowledge:

90 Day Review:

The new employee orientation checklist is to be completed before an employee starts working directly with children. This checklist must be completed on all employees to meet level 2 of the Quality Rating System and licensing requirements. PRINT THIS PAGE TO USE AS A CHECKLIST AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.

As the supervisor and employee go through the checklist, each major component should be checked off to indicate it has been presented to or reviewed by the new employee and/or that the employee meets the requirement. The employee and supervisor will sign the form at the end. The original is filed in the employee's file and the employee receives a copy.

It is understood this is a very general review of all issues detailed with extensive training conducted later once the employee is on the job. An example includes first aid/CPR training. The supervisor needs to provide general information about what to do if a child is injured but the employee will need the first aid/CPR training to be adequately prepared to deal with illness or injury. The supervisor needs to acquaint each new employee with mandatory child abuse reporting guidelines but this does not take the place of the required 2-hour detailed training. This checklist prepares the staff member for their first 90 days with the expectation that there will be additional training required during the course of those first 90 days and throughout their tenure with Nest.

Centers may add additional information to the orientation checklist that is specific to their facility.

EMPLOYEE NAME: ____________________________________________________________

START DATE: ___________________________________________


  1. Employment Documents

    • Transcripts​

    • Resume

    • Copy of ID/SSN

  2. Background Checks​

    • Michigan Child Care Background Check Consent and Disclosure​

    • Background screen completed and connected

  3. Health Compliance​

    • Physical (within 30 days of hire)​

    • TB Screen and Results (within 30 days of hire)

    • Covid-19 Vaccination (prior to start)

  4. Mandated Trainings​​

Watch the following videos to understand required child care center practices:​​

    • Create an account with Complete the following trainings on DWC:

      • Abuse and Neglect: Reporting Requirements

      • Anti-Harassment and Non Discrimination Employee

      • Cultural Competence/Diversity

      • Emergency Preparedness

      • HIPAA Basics

      • Recipient Rights

      • Universal Precautions/Bloodborne Pathogens

      • Medication Administration Refresher (Place title in “Search” field to retrieve)​​

    • Create a MiRegistry account for future child care training that will go on your record. This professional registry follows you throughout your career in child care and will be used and referenced throughout your tenure with Nest.Click here for instructions on Creating a Michigan Registry Account.

    • CPR/First Aid Certification. Expiration Date: __________________________ (within 30 days of hire)

    • Upload completed DWC and CACFP training certificates to your MiRegistry Account for your professional transcript.

  1. Get to know Nest best by reading our Staff, Parent and Operation Handbooks.

  2. Review general written administrative policies.

  3. Review general administrative procedures as applicable to your center.​

    • Mail (incoming and outgoing)

    • Office supplies

    • Telephones

    • Building access codes

    • Opening/Closing procedures

    • Break room/area/procedures

    • Parent Drop-Off area/procedure

  4. Give introductions to staff during tour.​

  5. Tour the facility (as applicable) including (you may add to this list based on individual facility needs and setup):

    • Restrooms (child and adult)​

    • Mail area

    • Bulletin Boards (classroom, parent and center)

    • Parking

    • Printers

    • Office Supplies

    • Kitchen

    • Coffee

    • Emergency exit and supplies

  6. Review initial job assignments.

    • Center cleaning requirements

    • Classroom cleaning requirements

    • Opening/Closing procedures

  7. Review job description and performance expectations and standards.

  8. Review job schedule and hours.

    • Provide employee with a schedule even if it's temporary.

  9. Review payroll timing, timecards, policies and procedures.

    • Review hiring documents (W-4, Payroll Summary) for correctness before their first payroll.

    • Discuss our payroll schedule

    • Discuss how time is recorded (ProCare) as well as how/when overtime is necessary or approved

    • Discuss how to request time off

  10. Assign classroom

    • Assign kids for primary care​

    • Review lesson plans and schedule date to create new lesson plan(s)

    • Review allergy/special diets list (if applicable)

    • Provide classroom tour

  11. Review the following videos to assist with managing your classroom

  12. Review the following videos to assist with child development and child interaction:

  13. We use the HighScope curriculum. This curriculum revolves around children learning through play and teachers guiding them along the way. While most of your training will happen on-the-job and through professional development days. The following videos will prepare you in getting to know and understanding the HighScope concepts of learning:

  14. This completes our Employee Orientation. 


      • ie. Required transcripts from highest form of education

      • ie. TB tests, vaccination cards and physicals

      • ie. first aid/CPR certificate and/or card

      • ie. payroll documents

      • That all forms are signed and dated.

      • That all required/mandated training is completed and recorded.

    • GO and INSPIRE!!!!!!!


(To be signed upon completion of all orientation items)

Employee: __________________________________________________           Date: _______________________

Manager: ___________________________________________________           Date: _______________________



90 Day Performance Review Scheduled on/around Date: ___________________________________

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