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To teach is to touch a life forever.


Policies and procedures are designed to guide, influence and determine all major decisions and actions, as well as all activities that take place at Nest. All employees are responsible for following all policies and procedures as expressed to ensure smooth day-to-day operations of the organization. Failure to follow our written and expressed policies and procedures will result in disciplinary actions including termination. Aside from our handbooks which details all of our policies and procedures, there are a few policies and procedures that have been extracted to obtain additional understanding, reinforcement and management:



Attendance Policy*

Birthday Policy*

Child Abuse & Neglect Policy

Client Confidentiality Policy

Computer Use Policy

Discipline Policy

Employee Warning Notice*

Holiday Policy*

Illness Policy

Medication Policy

Outside Employment Policy

Payroll Summary Form*

Performance Discipline Policy

Pest Management Policy

Playground Safety Policy

Request for Time Off*

Staff Health Policy
Work Schedule Policy*



Inappropriate / Unacceptable Child Behavior Policy

Power of Authority

Student Records Policy

Student Release Policy

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